أمواج جدارية تساعد في العزل الصوتي وتجعل الغرفة أجمل

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Innovative Wall covering


Being 100% wool, is an excellent acoustic insulation, which reduces sound reverberation and limits its propagation, acoustic wall coverings and modules combine creative and effective sound absorption solutions, suitable for commercial spaces, offices, hotels, housing and more.It is also the ideal solution for organizing open space, through panels and acoustic blocks that allow you to distinguish working and quiet areas, common areas and circulation.


Composed of 100% sheep wool, burel is the perfect thermal insulation.

The fabric is so condensed that it isolates from both heat and cold, which makes it the perfect material for indoor climate control, ensuring a constant temperature and a comfortable and easy maintenance environment.


Easy-care fabric.

The structure of the fiber repels the dirt and in case of spillage then allows to perform its cleaning and drying in due time. We simply advise you to take a periodic vacuum to remove any accumulated dirt from the recesses and if there is any dampness, wipe it with a damp cloth or a neutral cleaning product.