Lip Stick Sofa

حمرة الشفاه .. كنبة تعطي غرفتي كل السحر

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Lip Stick Sofa – It is more than a furniture piece, it offers an asymmetric play on lines that at first sight looks provocative,  and the closer feels overwhelming. Irresistible colors combinations that can strengthen or soften that effect of love. It is an infinite object with eccentric twists

2,5  Seater
Curl Outside Left version
sofa 2,5-seater Curl Outside L
Curl Outside Right version
sofa 2,5-seater Curl Outside R
Dimensions (cm)
Width: 195
Depth: 85
Height: 75
Seat width: 120
Seat depth: 54
Seat height: 42
Back height: 45
Arm height: 32
Arabella – Leolux