هذا الكرسي يشعرني بالحرية .. ويحملني بخفة

مشاركة الأصدقاء

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The sculptural forms of the 30´s inspired the design of this high back arm chair. Tubular and steel structures that marked those years, are combined with a new inspiration and emphasizes the feeling of liberty. A vintage style mixed with modern sensibilities. The curvy and exaggerated shapes of this high back Arm chair arms, symbolize the end of enclosed spaces, which are transformed into open doors to.. . freedom

Materials: Polished brass + varnish, cow leather/velvet.

Dimensions: W 112cm (44,1”) H 145cm (57,1″) D 90cm (35,4″)

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Velvet Cream, Velvet Green, Cow Leather