ورق جداري بشكل أرفف مليئة بالأغراض العجيبة .. لمحبي المغامرات

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A creative arty Wall paper collection. It is based on distinct and diverse moods. Nevertheless inextricably linked to imaginary design, always able to combine elements that may be sometimes dissonant and sometimes purely ton-sur-ton.

Let your imagination run wild, with circus imagery, tigers, objects and esotericism that blend into the graphic pattern. Those are elements that speak to the eye of the beholder.

More than simple decorations, and more than just details: they are key elements that give the walls a new voice. A submerged Eden can be unweaved between curved lines and earthy colours, in the tropical imagery, enchanted gardens and bursts of vegetation.

APPLICATION: In order to apply the panel/ lining correctly, we recommend installing the linings in environments with a temperature span from 10 to 38°C and without draughts.

VERY DARK SUBJECTS: When applying very dark subjects to the wall, you are advised to apply a coat of paint to the wall in the same colour as the subject to be applied. For a more uniform wall start the application by starting from the panels near to the source of natural light.

MAINTENANCE: The wall panel can be washed with a damp cloth and with neutral detergent. Do not use solvents.