تحفة ذهبية بخطوط هندسية رائعة .. لن تحتاج لأي شيء آخر على جدران هذه الغرفة

مشاركة الأصدقاء

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This geometric deer head is Malabar’s modern approach of the classic taxidermy head mount. A tribute to the powerful animal whose strength lies in its antlers, the redesigning and simplifying of the classic home decor accessory promises to become the new trendy item for the walls of any room. The Antler Head Mount is a handmade piece, carved from wood, coated with a distinctive technique comprising several layers of copper leaf, guaranteeing its exclusiveness. This piece is a reflection of our modern, eclectic times, perfect for an irreverent yet classy interior design. It will be the masterpiece of a home décor or even of a hotel project.


Structure in hand carved wood coated in copper leaf.

DIMENSIONSWidth 74 cm | 29.1″
Depth 78 cm | 30.7″
Height 102 cm | 40.2″