1001 nights – Blue

زينة للجدار في كل غرفة.. من التراث الشرقي


1001 nights – red, a magnificent usage for the traditional Portuguese tile. THey are one the most important aspects of Portuguese Architecture. Azulejo or Portuguese Tile are aplied on wall, floors, ceilings and now on form of a guitar. This piece exalts a national icon, something Malabar is proud to honor, through an audacious version of the common Portuguese guitar. Its various geometric shapes and loving patterns transform it into a one-of-a-kind piece that will certainly catch everyone’s eyes while contemplating your home décor.


Structure in hand painted wood , finished with high gloss varnish featuring hand carved floral ornaments on its headstock.

DIMENSIONSWidth 40 cm | 15.7”
Depth 9 cm | 3.5”
Height 79 cm | 31.1”


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